Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some Speedmetal to keep you warm!

Just got back to the ranch after jaunting down to Denver on ol' faithful for some riding and shenanigans with the Speedmetal crew. Hadn't had a chance to really hang with Dave much before this. Seems like we were always doing the show thing and only had time for handshakes and "hellos". This time, we got down to business and blitzed through some good scenery, good food, and better tequila! Dave's knuck is a site to see on the road and gets zero nice-guy treatment from its owner. It's all business and butt-hauling. Great meeting Justin, Sam, Jeff, Chuck and all the other guys too. Denver is loaded with some good folks and it all made the hour trip down through snow and sleet worthwhile. Have to make sure we make this a regular occurrence for sure. I'll be better off next time after stopping at the Army surplus shop on the way home for some gloves that actually keep the cold out at 100 mph. California takes away your ability to remember how to keep warm, I guess.

Go check Dave out on his Speedmetal blog and show him some support. He's turning out some killer projects!

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