Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This made me laugh!!

So true. In a world of double-standards, how are we supposed to know right from wrong any more? 

**NOTE - for any of you ignorant fools that think this is a rant against anybody liking a movie, I have a bridge in New York I'll sell you on the cheap. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Land of the Free, Home of the... oh, wait...

There are so many small things that we take for granted right? Think about it for a minute. Running water, electricity, food on the table, legal rights. Right? Hello? There are a ton of such things that we don't even think about on a daily basis. Well, not most of us. I for one, have to think about many of the above due to my choices in life. The simplest of things are brought into focus when you live life on the road. But for the mass of us, these are things that you just think will always be there when you need them. Too bad they are also the things that are being taken away right under our noses. Many of them are the things we believe make us "free".

The last of those - legal rights- is a big deal right now. I posted a while back on the four retirees that are on trial in Georgia for plotting to kill federal employees and government officials. That is an ongoing story that currently sees most of the men guilty prior to even being given a day in court. All of the courtroom drawings during the bond hearing are of the men struggling to even hear the judge, because, well, they're all nearly deaf. I'm not taking a side here. I'm following the rule of the land, that people are innocent until they are PROVEN guilty in a court administered by their peers. Unfortunately, that is one of the things that we take for granted that has been taken away from us. These men are being portrayed as anti-social, militiamen who would stop at nothing to tear down the government. Prosecutors even got the judge to deny bond to the men, because they posed a serious threat to federal employees. Really? It was stated that they "had nothing to loose" and would be given the ultimate ability to galvanize their position as being threatened by the "jack-booted government" that they stood against. I'm astounded. You can read more on it HERE.

The fact that there have been no stories of the other "militiamen" that would undoubtedly make up this militia the government is blaming the men for being a part of, is in and of itself bizarre. Don't you think that if there was a serious case against these men, they would be looking for the entire group? Are they trying to tell us that four aging geriatrics were going to blow up the world? Next thing you know, they'll be saying that 19 untrained Arabs are going to fly jumbo jets into buildings with military precision. Oh, wait.

Again, I'm not making a decision. These old farts may be the second coming of Satan and have stockpiled everything necessary to Rambo their way through the entire state of Georgia. I seriously doubt it though. What I do believe, is that they are being tried for something much bigger than just disgruntled talk around the dinner table. I believe they are being put on parade to prove that the government needs better methods to stop domestic terrorism. The outcome of this simple little incident will probably take more of those things we take for granted right out of our hands.

Next thing you know, the president will issue an outcry for help to have the citizens listen for people conspiring against the government. Oh, wait one more time. They already do that? Yep, check this out HERE. I hope you click through all the links to see just what your wonderful government is spending its time and money on. Yeah, coffee cups that urge people to tell all they hear about anti-government speech on their ride to work. Seems the White House has even expanded their efforts to include people of Jewish faith. They want to add to the protection of the people by weeding out any anti-whatever thoughts. Odd. Seems like the same thing the Hitler Youth were around for. Call me silly.

Oh well, maybe we'll all wake up once the "See Something, Say Something" campaigns expand to include people narc'ing on you for using too much water, or growing your own garden (oops, that's already happening too), or keeping your lights on too long. Don't cry when it happens. You've been told.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I love how...

This freakin' "super committee" assigned to come up with a way to cut the budget of the country can't even figure itself out. Now that they've had all this time to come up with a means to kill a couple trillion bucks out of our obese spending habits, they are saying they can't come to an agreement. Really? You mean a dozen bi-partisan idiots who can't make good laws in the first place can't come to an agreement on how to cut spending? Wow. I'm shocked. Maybe we should send them all back to grade-school economics classes for a month or so.

Now that they will probably miss the deadline to get the cuts approved, an automatic $1.2 trillion in cuts will kick in. You see, this is a "law" that congress put into place to ensure that the committee did its job. 1.2 trillion bucks that comes half from defense spending and half from domestic entitlement programs. THEY WROTE THIS LAW PEOPLE. Now that it looks like it will have to actually be used though, congress is struggling to come up with new laws that allow them to not follow the original cuts they lobbied for. Seriously.

ARE YOU FUCKING LISTENING? Congress wants to overwrite what they fought so hard to get enacted in the first place. Back then, it was a stick to get the White House and the Senate to get off their asses and get a budget that would cut spending and make the "people" better off. Now that it's not going to happen, the same congresspeople are clamoring to back off from their original fight. They never intended to follow through, just like they never intend to follow any of the laws they force down our throats. What's amazing, is that the 1.2 trillion is just a drop in the bucket, since it's actually taken out over 10 YEARS! Yes, you read that right. They have 10 years to cut that much out of the over 40 trillion they plan to spend in that same timeframe. This is basic math here. A fraction of the uncontrolled spending does not fix anything, whether it is forced or agreed upon. We need real solutions.

This is not a joke people. This is not a small thing. This can't be allowed to go on. This will basically be an end-around by the government to actually do the same nothing that it does so well all the other days they actually go into "session". We need to recall the entire freaking thing. All of them. It's beyond ridiculous, and we all just sit and let it happen. Every single one of us deserves exactly what we are about to get.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some Speedmetal to keep you warm!

Just got back to the ranch after jaunting down to Denver on ol' faithful for some riding and shenanigans with the Speedmetal crew. Hadn't had a chance to really hang with Dave much before this. Seems like we were always doing the show thing and only had time for handshakes and "hellos". This time, we got down to business and blitzed through some good scenery, good food, and better tequila! Dave's knuck is a site to see on the road and gets zero nice-guy treatment from its owner. It's all business and butt-hauling. Great meeting Justin, Sam, Jeff, Chuck and all the other guys too. Denver is loaded with some good folks and it all made the hour trip down through snow and sleet worthwhile. Have to make sure we make this a regular occurrence for sure. I'll be better off next time after stopping at the Army surplus shop on the way home for some gloves that actually keep the cold out at 100 mph. California takes away your ability to remember how to keep warm, I guess.

Go check Dave out on his Speedmetal blog and show him some support. He's turning out some killer projects!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So, in a practice-what-you-preach sorta way, I came across this little tid-bit. 4 Georgia boys (all over 65 years of age by the way) are arrested in that state on charges of domestic terror plotting. You can read what is known at this point on the New York Times - HERE.

What are your thoughts on this? The video link on Veterans Today shows a poor, hapless local saying that a lot of people will be "praying to God" if this is really this close to their home. She seems to already believe what she's being told. That these geriatric gentlemen were going to somehow produce enough Ricin to deliver it on the HIGHWAYS of Atlanta in a concentration suitable for killing people in their CARS.

Read up on the creation of Ricin and it's potency to see what you think about that. They are painting these men as professionals in these matters and linking them to some militia that they won't name. Maybe more information of a substantial type will surface, but don't bet on it.

If they were planning on killing numerous people in Atlanta, and did, in fact, have the means to do so, then bravo to our intelligence agencies for nabbing them.

if, on the other hand, this is a way to get people to allow further rights-snatching  to "protect" us from "domestic terror", then shame on all of us for allowing it.

Don't believe what they feed you until they provide the real, hard evidence, but pay attention.

I for one am afraid of any report of supposed "domestic terror", because it appears that they are staging for a day when anyone can be labeled a terrorist for standing up against the government. It's happening, and it's all around you. Remember, our president just ordered the killing of another US CITIZEN in the middle east without due process of law taken into account, just because they labeled the man a terrorist.

The time has come and passed us by where the label of terrorist gives the government cause to hide all information about their actions with regards to the suspect, and to do whatever they wish to said person without repercussions on a domestic or international basis. Pretty soon, they'll have us all watching the shadows for anything we may do that could be considered "subversive".

Remember the American Revolution? Yeah, the one that got you to where you are right now? That one. Realize that under our current government rules, those involved would have been "terrorists" and would have been murdered without trial most likely. Pretty scary when you put it like that ain't it?

Just keep paying attention.

Somebody explain why...

Americans are so f'ing blind to what's going on around them. Must be so much easier to just wander through life not paying attention and using the famous "can't do anything about it" or "doesn't affect me" slogans. I get told I'm too serious lately. Too "down" about things. Too angry.

No, not really. I'm not down at all. I'm exactly where I want to be and I'm doing the things that actually focus on making life better with regards to a bigger picture rather than focusing on happy hour or weekend getaways. Those things are cool for sure, but don't fix anything in the long run.

Call me crabby, or a hermit or whatever you want, but it's not about being pissed off as a goal. It's about being pissed off as a catalyst to change things for the better.

Here's one for your nugget - Good comes from the cancellation of bad. The cancellation of bad does not necessarily come from the doing of good. 

What I mean here, is that you have to focus on the bad in order to actually change it. You can't just go around helping old ladies cross the street and think that the bad shit in the world will go away. That's the hippies' world peace movement way of thinking. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. You have to become more "radical" in your actions. You have to be deliberate and target the bad things that set you back. Do what counters these "bad" things long enough and you'll eventually achieve your "good". Seems like common sense to some, but I'm surprised at the enormous amount of people who just ignore the tough stuff.

I guess working all day and having stress from traffic, job, relations, whatever, gives everyone the excuse to say "fuck it, I'm tuning out". At least until you have to just go do it all over again tomorrow. Sad existence people. Get over yourselves. The world is coming knocking on your door whether you like it or not, and right now, it's not delivering girl scout cookies. It's delivering flaming bags of turds.

Might be a good time to start spending some time during your day to educate yourself on extinguishing flaming bags of turds, so your porch is inviting enough for cookie deliveries in the future. If you don't, don't come crying to me when your house burns down and you need a place to stay.

Just sayin. It's time to set aside an hour of each day to educate yourself on the tough stuff. Go find news other than Entertainment Weekly, US, ESPN, or whatever other distractions pass for "information" these days. Spend an hour forgetting about the celebs and all the gossip. Forget about "reality" TV that isn't real at all. Forget about your favorite sports team. Forget about local news distracting you with tales of shootings and incorrect weather reports. Forget about the song that makes you cry since your girlfriend/boyfriend left you. Forget it all.

Now is not the time for retreating into your little world of self-concerned BS. Now is the time to think bigger and do bigger. Even if only for an hour a day. Shit, start at 30 minutes!

Go DIG for what you think you believe in. The tough stuff. The big picture stuff. Read the news from the other side of the fence. Forget about your "party" affiliations and read it all, no matter how much your stomach turns, because in there somewhere is truth. You have to look at both sides of a dollar bill to make sure it's real before you spend it right? A one-sided argument does you about the same amount of good as that bill that's only printed on one side. None. You need to hear it all, so you realize where the shit is coming from.

After you read for a while and start forming some real conclusions of your own, rather than what the news tells you, GO SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! Yeah, they might look at you like they look at me and tell you you're being a downer, but keep on. Don't take no for an answer. Getting just one person every so often to go delve deeper is worth it.

If you're sitting there thinking that someone else will take care of all the craziness in the world, or that none of it is important enough to take your precious time, then you, my one-time friend, are the problem. Get with the program. YOUR program, and make sure you know the real deal and are doing something about it.

See ya out there!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Rig is Dead!!!

Long live the RIG!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Musings on a Friday Night...

Just got back to the ranch after pushing back a few Captain and Cokes with my Brother, and had some thoughts I figured I'd share. In these times where everything's not as shiny as it's painted to be, we still have to remember those that help us hold it all together. That said, I don't talk to my good friends and even some family near enough. Seriously, texting and all that bullshit doesn't even cut it anymore. You can text everyday, but after a year, if you see that person, you feel as if you've missed them forever. It just doesn't cut it.

I'm a sorry-assed communicator and I know it. To all of you that ever sat around a campfire, bar, show, couch, bike, or whatever with me and thought you were better for it, I not only miss you, but have a duty to let you know that I feel the same. I don't show it enough, and I let a lot of time go by where people wonder if I'm dead or whatever, but in the end, I truly do love you guys. Not in a prison sort of way, but you get the picture.

Months or years may go by, but I never forget the deeds done, or the gems passed down by my friends and fam. Every single one of you has had an impact in my life that helps me figure out more of who I am on a daily basis. I may be a loner at heart, and a wanderer in my soul, but I hope that you guys will realize that it's nothing against you. If anything, I wish I could bring all of you along for the ride. I'm truly hoping that in the coming months, I can spend the right kind of time with everyone, if even for only a few hours. Time to turn off the internet and get face to face.

You know who you are, because you'll sit there reading this saying to yourself that you "get it". You figured me out a long time ago. You're worth your weight in gold to the people around you and you should keep doing it all exactly the way you are. It means the world, absolutely. I only hope that I have been able to offer a fraction of what I've been handed back to you.

For the rest of you that don't get it, or think I'm full of shit... go die in a fire. You know who you are too.

There, I couldnl't let it all be nice and rosy could I?

See ya out there!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Proper FXR...

Rubber-mount, 81 c.i., five speed shovelhead? Yes, please.

How they looked in '83...

How this '83 looks today...

Goes under the knife shortly, but in all honesty, only a few cosmetic things are needed. Loose the signature "Colorado" bars and grips, all the "live to ride" B.S., and get a real carb on it. Even as it is, on the ride home it constantly told me to go faster.