Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh the politics of it all!!

Here's a "dialogue" that just occurred on my buddy Darren's wonderful FB page. This is what I run into a lot these days. I think it's odd that so many people get angry when anything remotely political is brought up, immediately defaulting to "it doesn't matter" as an excuse to go on living vicariously through reality TV. Or, like this guy, stating their position and when they find resistance from people who like to think and debate, they just pull something like the race card and attempt to exit on their terms rather than continue the debate and actually defend their stance. Once something is said that they don't like, most people shut off and leave. Solves nothing.

This was in response to Darren posting an article about how some illegals are returning to Mexico due to an increase in the Mexican economy. Another person had posted "good riddance" as a response which brought about Bill's post -

Bill Mullinax - I am happy to see that Mexico's economy is improving, and that there are increasing opportunities for its citizens. However, I am not (and will never be) on the "good riddance" band-wagon. As this article points out, these are people who are here WORKING, whether it's in construction or the service industry or agriculture. To just say "good riddance" is not only cruel, but it doesn't take into mind that if they all leave, the next thing people will be complaining about is the high cost of produce, because "Joe American" will demand $25.00 per hour, retirement benefits, health care, and vision care to do the same job. Additionally, the only costs affiliated with undocumented immigrants is emergency medical care (which, as a humanitarian nation, I don't see what the issue is), and public education. These individuals DO NOT and CANNOT qualify for ANY OTHER public assistance programs, such as Welfare to Work benefits, or Nutritional Assistance programs (such as food stamps). I understand people's point (and I actually agree) that we need some type of comprehensive overhaul to our immigration policies, but I just try to keep in mind that these are HUMAN BEINGS. They are not all criminals, they are not "killing our economy". The hundreds of billions of dollars spent on bullshit wars, the billions of dollars in criminal mortgage lending practices, the billions of dollars in corporate bail-outs...THAT is what's killing our economy! We could feed, clothe, and educate every single undocumented immigrant with just the amount of money we are spending on these ridiculous wars and STILL have money left over. But that's just my two cents worth.

This brought about my post -

Jason Craze - Take off your blinders. They DO get entitlement payments like welfare due to the many loopholes in the system. As a matter of fact, in New York/New Jersey/PA, they can even reap the benefits of getting checks from ALL 3 states. I'm sure it's not limited to there. They DO get medical care which is not only "emergency", but every trip they take. And I love how you state that these are the "only" things they get, as if education and healthcare are cheap. Amazing how, when teaching jobs are in question, liberals argue about how much education should cost and how valuable it is. Oh, and what about uninsured motorist coverages that the rest of us pay? Last I checked, the bulk of illegals don't actually have licenses and drive with insurance. And how many are in the prison system right now? More than a few I think. I guess that's free too. We don't care if they are human beings or not. Last I checked, they either follow laws, or they don't. They broke the law. They are criminals. The laws may not be what they need to be, but last I checked, that does not give carte blanche to just break them until they are fixed. You seem to think that they will follow the laws of entitlement, yet they didn't have a problem breaking the immigration ones. I also love how you blatantly point out that you are really happy they are here, because it offers cheap produce. Perfect. I agree that it's superb that cheap workers allow us to make more and more disposable products so we can toss out over 2/3 of the food that is delivered to grocery stores just to make sure that it looks good to the buyers. How about value? Maybe if a tomato cost what it should, we wouldn't waste so much. And "Joe American" demands to be paid so he can actually pay for things like healthcare and retirement benefits rather than take them from the system without giving back like your friendly illegals. But I guess farm workers shouldn't be entitled to the same things as white collar workers right? They should be paid less to do the menial task of feeding the nation. Yes, the wars suck. Yes the bailouts suck. Yes, there are tons of other things that are wrong too, but to forget that this great nation was built on being a NATION of people who work together to achieve goals cannot be forgotten no matter which side of the political fence you sit on. If someone will not take time to become a citizen the correct way, no matter how hard that is, then they have no say and no rights. Why don't we focus on getting the home around us straightened up before tackling the world. 3rd world nations and their people should be of little concern to us until our own backyard is working as intended. Deport everyone that is here illegally and then fix the laws based on what AMERICANS want. If it is then decided to allow anyone and everyone to come here so we can provide for the universe, and that is achieved by popular vote, then so be it. I doubt you'd ever see that though. People will figure out how to pay to get cars washed, food bought, houses cleaned, and all the other wonderful things we've come to love as being so cheap due to low-cost labor. Do you support the Chinese system of child labor? It's exactly the same concept that illegals work under here, we just don't accept the blame for it. How about we create a system for them to become citizens and get paid fairly for the hard work they provide, rather than relying on it being low-cost forever? How about we get back to fair work for a fair wage and American products that hold value rather than deteriorate due to a "global economy" structure that only works toward universal mediocrity? One can only hope.

Was I angry? Not really, but I am SERIOUS about these things. Yes, I throw in some sarcasm to prove points, but I do take a hard look at what's told and respond / refute / rally around whatever I can. Bill simply responded with this -

Bill Mullinax - Can't/won't argue with hateful anger.

This is a shame. It shows that most people like Bill don't stand behind their convictions, which continues the problems we face. Nothing can be done when the arguments are broken down to things they aren't even about. Nothing was hateful about my response. I never said I "hate" anyone at all. In effect, I stated that I care quite a bit about Americans.

When I responded to Bill by stating that I wasn't hateful or angry, but just stating facts that he did not like, he simply had this to say -

Bill Mullinax -  Typical stereotyping and racial profiling, indeed. You expressed your opinion, Jason, and I have expressed mine. Cheers.

There's the famous race card and exit I spoke of. Race has nothing to do with any of this. I would not agree to letting an illegal European stay in this country just as I would not agree to let an illegal Mexican stay. People like Bill forget to pay attention and jump to their conclusions well before finding out the facts. There are facts in the world. We live in them every day. To put your blinders on and act like they aren't there or that they are sugar-coated and rosy, won't fix the things that are getting progressively worse around you.

I've said it before and I'll do so again right here - Planning for the worst, will leave you that much better off if only the best comes to pass.

Get off your collective asses and start thinking things through from start to finish. Don't puss out like Bill and figure that just by saying something, that everyone should believe you and go along for the ride. ARGUE! Work on it and don't be surprised if you're wrong. I'm constantly having to change my views, due to smarter people showing me lights that were previously left dark to me. Don't pick a side, because that side won't reflect the truth in all of its forms regardless of what it calls itself. Pick the truth. Hunt it down and wrangle it to the ground without mercy. Make it yours, and then go share it.

Hold your convictions close and be prepared to defend them even when you think the people you are defending against are filled with "hateful anger". If you are true to your beliefs, then you will benefit more by proving them wrong and lessening that anger than by walking away and allowing possible ignorance to spread like wildfire. Just saying that you have shared an opinion and throwing in the towel stands about as well as the old "agree to disagree" BS. It proves one thing - you are not worth paying attention to at all, because you don't stand behind your convictions unless everyone around agrees already. Where's the fun in that?

Friday, July 22, 2011

When Living in a Trailer...

Always have a list, and always check it twice. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Living in a Trailer...

Always take the trash out two days before you think you should.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

When Living in a Trailer...

Only buy what you can eat in one campground stay.

You never know when that fridge will unexpectedly stop working on the trek to your next home. Don't ask how I know this.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

When Living in a Trailer...

Don't poop in your own toilet.

Seriously, get over your fear of public restrooms. You'll be happier in the long run. Need a reason why? See the first "when living" post below...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something new...

I'm going to start a little "words of wisdom" thing called When Living in a Trailer, because, well... I live in a freakin' trailer! These are just the tidbits that crop up as I jaunt across the globe taking it all in and trying not to go too crazy.

First up -

Don't burn shit in the oven. Trailers seem to smell worse than houses and for much, much longer...

See ya out there!

Monday, July 11, 2011

And I'm off!

Not on the road again. That comes next week. No, this time, I'm off to a new venture doing that wild and crazy tattoo art I've been threatening to take up. I've done about a million and one pieces of fake skin and was totally sketched out on digging into real flesh for the first time. I've got a ton of buddies that keep saying "I'll be your guinea pig", but I needed to stick myself before moving on to others. Some say it's a tradition, I just say it's a thing you need to know. If I have no idea how my work feels, then how can I feel right about putting ink in someone else?

Eh. Whatever. I finally got the time and the gumption to step up and start my damn practice thigh. Sitting here in the rain in Colorado, I put the EC logo on my leg and I'm pretty stoked. Just some simple line work and no real shading to speak of, but a good start nonetheless. Best thing about it, is that I did it using the machine that a friend gave me as a gift at Born Free. Little did he know that would be the catalyst to get me moving and shaking. Even gave it to me in a sock! I have to say that even with my severely limited experience behind a machine, this one rocks. Very responsive and great feel. I took a little under an hour actually running to get done, and Leigh's machine felt great. Thanks buddy, means the world absolutely!

Feast your eyes on my first...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The end of an era...

This one really sucks. Dave's van got totalled today. Apparently by some kook driving like an idiot down his street. Always nice when you get a call that your PARKED vehicle got smashed by a tool. Sorry Dave, I'll give you a bigger hug next time I see ya!

Monday, July 4, 2011

The only way to go...

With lots of heavy metal!!! Carter was quick enough to shoot this just before we hooked up and split for Colorado. Pan, Knuck, Dyna. Coming soon to a show near you!