Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekend is past, but not forgotten!

Good shit at Kutty's and Lake Skinner for sure... too many stories to tell, so we'll have to link up for beers and shit-shooting for sure! Met some cool cats from up north (Sacramento) and a bunch of the guys from the different internet spots too... great to finally put more names to faces.

Thanks to Kutty and family for putting up with everyone on Thursday, that was perfect! Also, to all the sponsors that made the whole weekend possible. It was a laid-back great time from front to back. Gabe and wife fixed up some damn good BBQ on Saturday, and there was never a lack of tequila (pronounced tuh-kill-yoo)... geebus be praised!

Fucking Mcgoo and his loud-mouth antics as he tried to find "Chris and Loranna" were priceless... Everyone in the campsite was rolling in their tents! Comedy all around...

Hope all had safe and uneventful rides home or where ever you shot to next!

I'll have pics later...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out of time!

Well, the time is now... or at least soon enough that if you haven't finished your shit for the Bash, you better start walking. My bike doesn't look like my bike anymore, but even better! I'm stoked, just hope I get a few miles in this evening before hitting the highway tomorrow. Gotta prime the tank and fender and tune out the clutch a little more. New throttle cable hit the mail yesterday, so slap that on and I'm good to go. Pack some booze and enough deodorant to hide the 3 day camping smell... my bag and bivouac... a few tools and I'm out. Cya at Kutty's (or on the flipside if you don't make it out)!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Next Week Fuggas!

Yep, the time is here! Drag what you got out of the dust and pack light!

Thursday is Kutty's own personal contribution to the nightmare...

Then Friday it's off to the lake...

Click HERE for more info!

I got my bivouac, bag, spork, and shop rag... a few dollars to grind and a view of the road to be had! Bring it!