Thursday, January 22, 2009

No time, No time!!

Yeah, work has me bogged down, and life in general isn't far behind that... I'll get back to putting shit up here someday!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not Even Gene Simmons...

Can survive a killer robot!!!

Help when it's needed!

Alright, a brother over at the LFTC has hit some hard times and all the boys are jumping in to make things better. Don't ask what's up, just jump in if you feel like it. This is what it's all about. Don't have to know him, don't have to recognize him, just have to know that Marco is the kind of guy that would do it for you too... read on...

"Our friend Marco has hit a spot of bad luck, and Andy over at American Icon Screen Printing has stepped up to raise some cash to help with his legal bills. For $15 you can get the killer t-shirt above, shipped to your door as well as the satisfaction of knowing you helped out a brother in need. Not much can be said about the situation Marco is in (for legal reasons), but what I can say is he is an A+, stand up dude who has helped out a lot of people with out asking for anything in return. He hasn’t asked for our help, but he sure as hell deserves it. So here’s how it works -

Send $15 (for each shirt that you would like to purchase) via paypal to:
Make sure to include the size shirt(s) you need as well as the shipping address.
Shirts will be printed next week, and will ship as soon as humanly possible.

$10 from every shirt sale goes directly to Marco (the other $5 covers printing, material and shipping costs)

Every little bit helps, and in return you get a sweet shirt. I know times are tough out there, but if you can help out, please do. "

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hahaha! Stolen Robots!!!

Sorry Rouser... no robot is safe from the all-mighty right click!!!

Happy New Year... or... Thank Geebus that's over...

Yeah, it's the new year... 09 in our faces now. I'm actually sad that the holidays are over, I was getting used to pajama pants and house shoes! Oh well, back to the grind...

I swear I'm gonna post pics up soon. Really... promise...

Did a whole lot of nuttin' over the holiday and loved every minute of it. I made it a point not to make a "to do" list this time around and it actually relieved a lot of the stress associated with time off for me. I usually don't do time off real well. I get all stir-crazy and antsy to get back at it. I didn't turn much of a wrench, didn't do yard work, didn't clean anything other than the dishes I ate off... yeah! That's livin!

Now I have to get back at it. Got the Bash comin' quicker than I'll have a bike ready for and lots of new projects that need to get going, some old projects that have to go, and a whole lot in between!

Hope everyone rang this one in safely and that you don't regret the one that went away! Cheers to ya!