Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you F'ing Kidding Me???

I'm just about over this country of ours... Reading in the news today that there is a national committee that overseas the nutrition in schools and they are actually looking at the possibility of banning peanut butter! All this due to the fact that some parents that have kids with peanut allergies are saying that a "wayward" sandwich could kill their kid. Really? Your kid with allergies that he/she knows about and should be educated on the ramifications of would go and eat another kid's PB&J??

I say F 'em. That's called natural selection. I know I shouldn't jump off the cliff, but I do anyway. Then form a freakin' committee to make sure we ban all cliffs. I get it. It gives stupid people something to do. It allows politicians to tell their constituency that they are "looking out for them", when in reality they are simply taking vacations and waiting on their pensions to kick in. Whatever.

Peanut butter for cryin' out loud. So look for the gestapo to be kicking your child out of school for bringing delicious PB&J to school. Tell them to keep it right next to the gun and cell phone in their clear backpack, so the po-po can find it easier.

Less Political Correctness people and more living.