Monday, June 29, 2009

Swappin' like you mean it!

Yep, yesterday was the June edition of the Long Beach Swap Meet. For the first time, I decided to load up the truck and become a vendor. Somehow, I found enough time on Saturday to put all my crap together and load it up. Got down there by 5:15am Sunday, and was still like the millionth person in line... No biggie. Got a spot next to Chris (Blue Collar Moto) and had a great time just sitting and shooting the shit with some friends and people at the show.

Actually made out pretty well in the end too. Got rid of the '62 Pan motor... that guy got a screamin' deal... and unloaded all my Sporty take-off shit along with a fair amount of the crap that wasn't going to get used any time soon. Also had Shad go from "yes" to "no" about a million times on the Yammi. Finally got a call from him after he left that got us back to YES! Good man! Got cash in my pocket, had a good lunch down at Joe Jost's with Chris and his OL, and made it home in time to crash a bit!

I think next time, I'm gonna go back to just being a tire-kicker though... didn't even get a chance to walk the show and spend any of my loot!

Back in the Saddle...

Holy crap! The last couple of weeks have really beaten the ever-lovin shit outta me... It's never a good time to loose a family member, and with a small family, I have absolutely no experience with this stuff. Attorneys, funeral directors, insurance folks, bankers, creditors, utilities, financial advisors, more attorneys... holy shit, you never realize what amount of crap we have in our lives until you have to straighten it all out after someone's passing. My mom and I did all the legwork and it looks like things will be smooth from here on out.

Anyways... got back late last week and have been on the go ever since. Taking care of crap that got out of hand while I was gone, cleaning up around the house, and taking time to work on the shovel too! Got the new tanks mounted up, new front wheel / tire combo mounted, and am beginning to tear apart the rear to get the fender setup the way I want it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'll miss you Gran...

My grandmother passed away this last Friday... lost a battle to cancer (round 2 for those keeping score). She had beaten breast cancer over 15 years ago, but couldn't kick it this time around. Docs found lung cancer back in January and it got progressively worse from there. This is one of the women that made all the difference in my life. More like a mom and a friend than a grandmother most of the time. I will miss her more than she would have ever known.

So, take what you hold dear today and remind it, them, or whatever that without them, you wouldn't be as good as you are. Don't forget to repeat this process as often as possible... even when it's tough or you find it easier to just stay silent.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looking for parts...

Oh yeah, like I mention in the post below, I'm looking for a wide glide front end for my 79. Single brake setup, chrome trees, stock or 2 under would be great, but beggars can't be choosers. Hit me up at if you got one or know where one is.

I could trade the pimped out Ceriani inverted, fatter-than-your-pregnant-teen-sister, 55mm forks that came on the bike if you're into that sorta thing... just sayin...

Been a while...

Yup, been too long... had shit to do and this didn't rank as a priority I guess... oh well... inane ramblings do the body good from time to time.

I'm sick of fucking mexican'ish' named motorcycles and cars... I mean, really... how many more 'Los Dildos' bikes do we need to see in the pages of insert-fucking-stupid-motorcycle-rag here? I'm just in a shitty mood lately, but let's do something original for a change people.

I got my 79 shovelhead on my birthday! Drove 34 fucking hours to Oregon and back in 3 days to make it home and not miss much work. Tired, but happy as shit. Rode the piss out of her week one - to work a few, around the town, and then to Big Bear Saturday for that laughable show of douchebaggery that happens once a year and around the canyons on Sunday. Held up pretty fine if I do say so. Some issues with the altitude, but that's to be expected. Putting a new set of rubber-mount tank brackets on this week and mounting the fine-ass tanks I got from Chris. Then going to chop the rear fender and knock it down for chroming I think. Remount license and new tail light setup, searching for a new front end, and putting a 21 up front. Just enough to make her mine and then I'll leave it the fuck alone for a while. Riding is better than staring at a pile of parts!

Pic from the trip in the back of the truck for your enjoyment - 79 FXE... tits condition... nice tits that is...

Other bikes are in the "pile of parts" category at the moment. Trump is running, but needs me to put some love in the clutch and some frame stuff. '64 is on the market for 7k if you're interested. '62 is in more pieces than I have fingers and toes to count, and the others aren't even on the radar. So goes the way of the project ADD.

Anyways... call your next project "ribbed for my pleasure" or some shit and stay away from south of the border monikers. Out.