Monday, November 24, 2008


Yeah, well... it always sucks coming back from the weekend don't it? Whatever, it's a good day when you can get out of bed and head off to a job that actually pays the bills... I'm thankful!

Got some shit done this weekend. New tank came in all ribbed up and I got some hardware for the fuel lines purchased at the local hardware store. Close tolerance from the petcock locations on the tank is going to call for some creative fuel line running... good times!

Also got a couple mounting brackets cut out and ground down to suitable levels... waiting on some oilite bushings to show up so I can put together my super secret shift setup... pics to follow!

Christian over at Xian leather got my seat out to me and this one is tits! Gonna be the perfect fit for the bike the way she sits now, so as long as I don't go changing shit again, we'll be good to go! Check out xian leather for sure... his site's linked over on the right ---->

Other than that, just another weekend. Sold a tremendous amount of shit on eGay, so funds should help out the whole "breathing room" feel these days. Got more shit up there, so crossing my fingers that I not only get rid of a bunch of crap I don't need, but actually make back at least as much as I paid for it all if not a little more!

Off to make the donuts, keep it light and remember to breathe! Hope everyone is getting a short week and spends quality time with the ones you want to this coming holiday!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Fuggin' B-day ya Bastards!

The Quad Cam Bastard forum just turned, like something around 50... no... uh... 12? No... uh... something around 3 years old! Great bunch of folks and definitely a good place to hang!

Great job Rob and team! Thanks for having me aboard!

Oh the agony!!!

Ok, so I'm thinking of selling my baby... the '53 Buick Special that I love may just need to go to make some room... Not really sure, that's why I'm posting it on here first... Kinda like a primer for the real deal... see if I can take it or not... I don't know...

Here she is

So, she's got a GM 350 with TH350 tranny... lots of guts for a big girl! Air ride adjustable shock rear... IFS, 4 wheel disc brakes, PS/PB, shaved, nosed, frenched, lowered, chopped, you know the deal, I expect that only people in the know will see it here, so just hit me up if you don't already know about this car and we'll talk!

She ain't gonna be cheap... let's just set the record straight... I don't give a shit what the economy is like, this ain't a call for help... this is a REAL CAR!


So it begins...

Ok, it'll take me a while to compile all the previous shit I have laying around in type and make it appear to be new on here... If you think you've seen the crap I post here before... forget it! No, you haven't... it's all just one of those Deja Vu type thingy-o's! You must have actually lived this entire life previously and are just having transient flashbacks to the memories of times yet to happen this go-round!


That's it...

Anyways, here's some pics of the Sporty I'm working on now...

Overall stance I'm headed for, although the bars are changed and the tank just got kicked to the curb too... so use your imagination!

Cam cover cut up with a screwed up old belt guard and pipes to match

I'll have more goodness after the weekend, I hope... life and all... until then, just pretend you saw something cool here today and get jazzed to come back later!


Blogsterbation is fun!

SO, I guess the usual "everyone else is doing it" type of peer pressure excuse is gonna have to cut it for me too...

Yep, you get to put up with me on here too now. I have decided to assault you with all my worthless garbage, so that I can have more people to blame when I fuck up! You see, if I put all my stuff up here, it becomes your responsibility to notify me of any poor choices or bad moves prior to the police arriving at my door...

You see, it's really simple math... ME / ((YOU * MY BAD IDEAS) + ALIBI) = GET OUTTA JAIL FREE SUCKA! - at least for me... you may be screwed!

Onward and upward... hold on for the ride!