Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Land of the Free, Home of the... oh, wait...

There are so many small things that we take for granted right? Think about it for a minute. Running water, electricity, food on the table, legal rights. Right? Hello? There are a ton of such things that we don't even think about on a daily basis. Well, not most of us. I for one, have to think about many of the above due to my choices in life. The simplest of things are brought into focus when you live life on the road. But for the mass of us, these are things that you just think will always be there when you need them. Too bad they are also the things that are being taken away right under our noses. Many of them are the things we believe make us "free".

The last of those - legal rights- is a big deal right now. I posted a while back on the four retirees that are on trial in Georgia for plotting to kill federal employees and government officials. That is an ongoing story that currently sees most of the men guilty prior to even being given a day in court. All of the courtroom drawings during the bond hearing are of the men struggling to even hear the judge, because, well, they're all nearly deaf. I'm not taking a side here. I'm following the rule of the land, that people are innocent until they are PROVEN guilty in a court administered by their peers. Unfortunately, that is one of the things that we take for granted that has been taken away from us. These men are being portrayed as anti-social, militiamen who would stop at nothing to tear down the government. Prosecutors even got the judge to deny bond to the men, because they posed a serious threat to federal employees. Really? It was stated that they "had nothing to loose" and would be given the ultimate ability to galvanize their position as being threatened by the "jack-booted government" that they stood against. I'm astounded. You can read more on it HERE.

The fact that there have been no stories of the other "militiamen" that would undoubtedly make up this militia the government is blaming the men for being a part of, is in and of itself bizarre. Don't you think that if there was a serious case against these men, they would be looking for the entire group? Are they trying to tell us that four aging geriatrics were going to blow up the world? Next thing you know, they'll be saying that 19 untrained Arabs are going to fly jumbo jets into buildings with military precision. Oh, wait.

Again, I'm not making a decision. These old farts may be the second coming of Satan and have stockpiled everything necessary to Rambo their way through the entire state of Georgia. I seriously doubt it though. What I do believe, is that they are being tried for something much bigger than just disgruntled talk around the dinner table. I believe they are being put on parade to prove that the government needs better methods to stop domestic terrorism. The outcome of this simple little incident will probably take more of those things we take for granted right out of our hands.

Next thing you know, the president will issue an outcry for help to have the citizens listen for people conspiring against the government. Oh, wait one more time. They already do that? Yep, check this out HERE. I hope you click through all the links to see just what your wonderful government is spending its time and money on. Yeah, coffee cups that urge people to tell all they hear about anti-government speech on their ride to work. Seems the White House has even expanded their efforts to include people of Jewish faith. They want to add to the protection of the people by weeding out any anti-whatever thoughts. Odd. Seems like the same thing the Hitler Youth were around for. Call me silly.

Oh well, maybe we'll all wake up once the "See Something, Say Something" campaigns expand to include people narc'ing on you for using too much water, or growing your own garden (oops, that's already happening too), or keeping your lights on too long. Don't cry when it happens. You've been told.