Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So, in a practice-what-you-preach sorta way, I came across this little tid-bit. 4 Georgia boys (all over 65 years of age by the way) are arrested in that state on charges of domestic terror plotting. You can read what is known at this point on the New York Times - HERE.

What are your thoughts on this? The video link on Veterans Today shows a poor, hapless local saying that a lot of people will be "praying to God" if this is really this close to their home. She seems to already believe what she's being told. That these geriatric gentlemen were going to somehow produce enough Ricin to deliver it on the HIGHWAYS of Atlanta in a concentration suitable for killing people in their CARS.

Read up on the creation of Ricin and it's potency to see what you think about that. They are painting these men as professionals in these matters and linking them to some militia that they won't name. Maybe more information of a substantial type will surface, but don't bet on it.

If they were planning on killing numerous people in Atlanta, and did, in fact, have the means to do so, then bravo to our intelligence agencies for nabbing them.

if, on the other hand, this is a way to get people to allow further rights-snatching  to "protect" us from "domestic terror", then shame on all of us for allowing it.

Don't believe what they feed you until they provide the real, hard evidence, but pay attention.

I for one am afraid of any report of supposed "domestic terror", because it appears that they are staging for a day when anyone can be labeled a terrorist for standing up against the government. It's happening, and it's all around you. Remember, our president just ordered the killing of another US CITIZEN in the middle east without due process of law taken into account, just because they labeled the man a terrorist.

The time has come and passed us by where the label of terrorist gives the government cause to hide all information about their actions with regards to the suspect, and to do whatever they wish to said person without repercussions on a domestic or international basis. Pretty soon, they'll have us all watching the shadows for anything we may do that could be considered "subversive".

Remember the American Revolution? Yeah, the one that got you to where you are right now? That one. Realize that under our current government rules, those involved would have been "terrorists" and would have been murdered without trial most likely. Pretty scary when you put it like that ain't it?

Just keep paying attention.

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